Not a Culinary God/Goddess? It’s all in the name!

Last night, I made the most amazing pea pesto on crostini with tomato, and a spinach salad with citrus vinagrette. Sounds like a day’s worth of slaving over knives, and kitchen tools, and ovens (oh my!)

Not so, my fellow kitchen newbies! The aforementioned meal was made in less than 10 minutes. It’s all in the translation!

Crostini- slices of slightly stale french bread thrown on a rack, drizzled with olive oil, and put in the oven on 400, baked for a few minutes. They come out crispy and toasty– you can even season them, some suggestions: Garlic, basil, butter, anything really.

The pea pesto was an idea stolen from an episode of Everyday Italian with Giada DiLaurentis. I don’t remember what she did, or what she put in it, but I remembered seeing her make a paste out of frozen peas. She called it a pesto, but you could also pretty safely say it was like an alternative hummus, with the green peas serving as a substitute for the chick peas. I threw garlic in there (because you’ll learn quickly that I add garlic to everything I make), and some lemon juice.

To bring the whole thing together, I merely topped the crostini (read: toast) with my green pea pesto (blended peas, basically) and sliced a tomato to top that. Viola! Instant gourmet, so grab a dictionary and translate the terms before you nervously step away from the cookbook… sometimes that mountain is really just a molehill.


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